The Sunshine Award

A good laugh is sunshine in the house. ~ William Makepeace Thackeray

My friend MagicallyMad over at Not Quite Lost has given me the Sunshine Award!

I’m really honored by this — in giving this to me, she’s saying that my writing is making her happier, and if you read her blog, you’ll see why that’s such a big deal to me. MagicallyMad, thank you so much, and I sincerely hope that I can continue to make you laugh!

To accept the award, I need to link back to the blogger who gave it to me — which I did, and you should totally check her out — answer ten questions about myself, and nominate other bloggers.

The questions:

  • What is your favorite bad habit? Probably spending too much time on the computer.
  • How old are you? As old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth.
  • What is your favorite time of day? The time right before turning off the light, when I have sleep ahead of me and can read a chapter of my book uninterrupted.
  • What is your favorite time of year? My birthday time. So, autumn.
  • Who is your favorite dead celebrity? John Lennon.
  • What is your favorite Christmas movie? This obscure movie from the 1970’s that we had recorded off of TV when I was a kid, called Quincy’s Quest. Here are the first few minutes of it on YouTube. As far as I know, it’s not available on DVD, but you can get a feel for this bizarre little bit of my childhood even so. It really is very weird, and it only gets weirder as the movie progresses, so if you’re into that kind of thing I strongly encourage you to watch the whole thing. It’s absolutely worth the time.
  • Who is your favorite philosopher? Dr Seuss.
  • What was your favorite vacation? A trip to Romania back in 2008. I might write about it sometime.
  • What is your favorite physical activity? Sleeping.
  • What is your favorite thing? Raindrops on roses. No wait! Whiskers on kittens. Or is it bright copper kettles, or warm woolen mittens? I’m conflicted.

Now I need to give the award to other bloggers who bring some sunshine into my life. These are blogs that I look forward to reading everyday, that always make me smile, and that more often than not make me laugh out loud. I don’t mean LOL, which seems to me like a frequently insincere internet device; I mean laughing out loud, probably with coffee dribbling down my face or spraying onto the computer screen. Here you go.

I also just found out (because I was incommunicado for so long) that I have been Freshly Slapped over at Sincerely, Slapdash. This is similar to being Freshly Pressed, which is the Holy Grail of WordPressdom, except that I didn’t have to sacrifice any goats or give any sexual favors in order to obtain this honor.

Since my sidebar is becoming rather cluttered, I’m going to take my awards out of my sidebar (with the exception of a few, unique ones) and put them all in an awards page. That way they’re all displayed, but they won’t confuse you eyes or slow your load times. See? I’m thoughtful like that.

26 responses to “The Sunshine Award

  1. Congrats! Also, shucks. Thanks, lady!

  2. You little ray of sunshine you. You deserve it. Own it KV, own it. BTW, I was freshly-slapped and I loved it. :). Some of these blogs I know well, others I will visit — thanks and congrats.

  3. Romania!!! Am dying to go there!!! Definitely write about it sometime 🙂
    Hope you & Sausage have a great day!

  4. Thanks for the rays of sunshine.This is a well-deserved award for you.

  5. Congrats! That’s awesome!

  6. Congratulations! Yes, I’m also intrigued by Romania — I’d like to go there too… Thanks for reminding me. Have a great day Kathy!

  7. Yay Kathy! I love your answer to the “favorite philosopher” question, and I would very much like to hear about your trip to Romania.

  8. Congratulations and I’m with you, in bed, house quiet, read even just a chapter….best time of the day!

    • Yes! I also find that the mere fact that I still have sleep in my immediate future makes it much more precious. At any moment I could just put my book down and go to sleep. Bliss.

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  10. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    Congratulations on this award. It’s so fun to read your posts.
    I just realized when I read the answers to your questions that my favorite activity is sleeping too :o)

  11. Oh, my! What an honor. Especially coming from you, my dear. Do I really have to answer more questions?

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