Blogs That You Should Read

I read a lot of blogs these days. Here are a few of my favorites, for your clicking pleasure. All have been painstakingly vetted for readability, enjoyability, and other various -bilities. I promise that you’ll find much awesomeness at these blogs.


Fathead Follies

Fear No Weebles


Lollygag Blog

Miss Snarky Pants

Parenting. Illustrated With Crappy Pictures

Red, Round, or Green

Scary Mommy

Sweet Mother

The Bearded Iris

The Bloggess

Tragic Sandwich

23 responses to “Blogs That You Should Read

  1. Thank you for having me on this list! It’s an exceedingly impressive list (not just cuz I’m on it) and there are a few blogs here that I may need to start checking out on a regular basis in addition to yours!

  2. Shucks! I didn’t know you had me on here. Thanks, Kathy!

    A heads-up: I have a post scheduled for tomorrow morning that links to your hi-larious blog from today. I finally asked Alice the question you suggested regarding her super powers…

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  4. Wow! Thanks so much for including me on your blogroll! I’m really flattered to be listed among the company here. πŸ™‚

    • You write an awesome blog! It’s the least I can do, to share you with all my wonderful followers. They deserve the opportunity to read you.

  5. Thanks for the mention Kathy! And for the recommendations!

  6. Oh I am glad I wandered across your blog (via a comment on infetteredBS)
    You do have a wicked sense of humour – and now a list of more awesomesauceyness!

  7. Thanks, Kathy! A nice treat to discover you are recommending me over here. Cheers!

  8. WOW – what an awesome list Kathy! I’m honored to be included with these rock stars. Thank you!

    • How could I not include you? In reading your outstanding prose, I’ve found that you have a deep and abiding love of poop jokes that rivals my own. I must therefore tip my hat to you.

  9. As a childless woman, preparing for motherhood in the not too distant future I really enjoy the honesty and humor with which you write. I am sure I’ll keep coming back for more!

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