Look At How Awesome I Am

People just keep on giving me awards! This is the coolest thing ever, since everybody knows that bloggers mostly blog for validation. I’ve been validated! Like a parking garage ticket! So here are all my awards, so that you can see just how amazing I am. Not that I’m bragging or anything, but you know … yeah, kinda bragging. Look at meeeeeee!


Freshly Pressed Article: “My Mind Is My Battlefield”

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Liebster Blog Award

Dotty Headbanger’s Three Red Bins of Blogging Award

The Reader Appreciation Award

The Blogtastic Blog Award

The Sunshine Blog Award

Freshly Slapped

Beautiful Blogger Award

Illuminating Blogger Award

3 responses to “Look At How Awesome I Am

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  2. Hi. I’m commenting here cause you’re probably all swept up with the FP fame and I wanted you to see my message, cause it is that important. Haha. Umm, just started a new blog – http://www.amanicworld.com. Looking for new writers. I like your writing, it’s awesome. If you’d be interested in writing, be in touch. (Couldn’t find a ‘contact’ section, this is all I got, would rather send you a lengthy letter, cause I’m naturally verbose. I’ll stop). Details are up at site.

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